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The Downstream Fuel Association (DFA) is a Trade Association comprising a number of companies engaged in all aspects of the fuel supply chain in the UK from sourcing and trading to storage, blending and retailing.  The DFA represents the common interests of its members by interacting and collaborating with the Government, regulators, trade associations, NGOs and standard setting bodies on matters related to the downstream oil industry in the UK and internationally when appropriate.

The DFA provides its members a forum where to share their views and reach consensus on a common platform on such matters as forthcoming regulatory intervention whether originating from the UK or EU Authorities and is itself a member of UPEI – the Union of European Petroleum Independents. The DFA sits on several working groups and is consulted by various Government Departments whilst contributing its members' views proactively.

DFA's member companies, who are variously involved with retail supply as both independent retailers and supermarkets are providing an increasingly large share of the UK market for road fuels. As an aggregate, they represent:

• At least 30 per cent of the UK wholesale road fuel market,
• Approximately 40 per cent of the UK retail market of petrol/diesel, and
• A similar and rapidly growing percentage of the UK biofuel market.


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